1812 Château de Rastignac, La Bachellerie (Dordogne, France)


Château de Rastignac’s history goes back many centuries and was tied to the family De Rastignac from the middle ages till beginning 1900.

The Chapt De Rastignac (Chapt = old French term for someone belonging to the clergy) started building this Palladian villa in 1812 (just after the revolution) on the site where his ancestors lived for centuries. The estate comprises ± 100 acres [60% woods], a main building, an orangery, a main farm and a small sharecroppers farm. Architect: Mathurin Salat (1755–1822).

There seems to be no second Palladian villa in France. After WOII it was given the protected status of “monument historique classé”

In WOII the estate was occupied by the 2nd SS Panzer Division das Reich (which was responsible for  the Oradour-sur-Glane massacre [10 June 1944, 642 inhabitants]). Various stolen works of art were known to be exhibited in the main building during the German occupation. After leaving the estate (to help the battle in Normandy) the Germans burned the main building. Much of the stolen art was never found again.

After the WOII the main building was rebuild but soon after that abandoned by the owner.

In 2000 the abandoned estate was bought in dilapidated condition by eight Dutch families and rebuild to serve as a second home.

Nowadays some of the homes are for sale.